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 Message for Ryan ... Re: Car

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PostSubject: Message for Ryan ... Re: Car   Sat May 07, 2016 1:43 am

Hey Ryan,

I took the bill of sale, vehicle registration and vehicle title to the dmv...the car is legally yours even if the registration & title is in Forest name still.

She gave me a "power of attorney" form for you to fill out giving me the right to change the ownership of the car from Forest to you and then from you to me...I have to pay for the registration / title change twice.

I have yet to mail it...been working good hours. (1 $1,000 + check & 2 $900 + checks so far)

I also took the car to AutoTech for an estimate of putting the car on the electronic diagnostic machine...$100 for the test to see what's wrong with the electronics...windshield wiper fluid motor pumped out all the fluid / wipers wouldn't stop until the 3rd time I started car, seat belt light stays on even when car is not running, both rear windows don't work & asked about a tune up / oil change.

So it would be $100 for the test, $85.00 an hour labor (1 or 2 hrs) plus replacement / parts if any. have to remember/ realize that the car is a 2001 model & it's now 2016...which makes the car 15 years old.

I looked at the service records from Lithia Hyundai of Anch. from 2007 (when the original owner Dellany Kay Christy had the car) and
it shows under "C" that a 34 point inspection was done and a left front tranny output leak was found & a rear brake change was recommended but the customer denied the work be done.

In the 2012 records from the same dealership, when Forest owned the car, it shows that:

"A" - all 4 tires were mounted and balanced - "B" - the washer pump fluid was refilled - "C" - a vehicle inspection was done..."Rear brake pads metal to metal, may need rotors, valve cover leaking in front and rear. Recommend 90k (thousand) mile service / tune up / timing belt service. Upper oil pan seeping. Driver belts starting to get glaxed and worn. Inspection Complete."

Then on page 3...the "Additional Service Request" sheet it list the estimate for the work that needs to be done.

Rear brake service ... labor time - 2+ hrs - parts total $79.00 - job price $269.95 (total of $348.95)

Valve Cover Service ... labor time - 3.5 hrs - parts total $45.00 - job price $400.00 (total of $445.00)

90k service ... job price - $479.95

The "May we perform this repair for you" line is blank, no "yes" answer...the work was not authorized / done.

The next box down list the other jobs that needs to be done:

Tune up / plugs ... job price $399.95

T-belt service ... job price $549.95

There is no authorization to do that work either, it still needs to be done.

The total to do all of those repairs is over $2,000.00

The Auto Tech guy also inspected the engine and noticed the leaks & checked the odometer...90,000+ miles on the car / engine.

The T-belt (timing belt) was supposed to be changed after 60,000 miles. It needs to be replaced right away...the car needs more than a tune up.

Now for the really bad news...I looked up the Kelly blue book value on the car and found out that the resale price is less that $2,000.00 for that car...we need to seriously renegotiate the price or I won't buy the car. The car looks good inside & out but it's an older car and needs lots of work done...expensive work.

Here's the link for Kelly Blue Book pricing for the 2001 Hyundai XG300 ... Click here for page

Change / make sure it reads 92,000 miles then go thru the rest of choices...even if you choose "Excellent" condition the resale value is under 2 thousand dollars...the car more closely fits the "Fair" condition description.

The Auto Tech guy wants between 2 thousand and 25 hundred to do the repairs...what do you want to do?

I have the game system and books...I'll mail them as soon as I can get to the post office while they are open.

It's best / easiest to reach me on face book.
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Posts : 1072
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PostSubject: Re: Message for Ryan ... Re: Car   Mon May 09, 2016 8:37 am


I won't be buying the's at that time of it's life when major repairs will be's 15 years old.

I washed the body, vacuumed out the inside and cleaned the windows.

The winter tires, car cover and the paper work, including the power of attorney slip are in the car. That's all that's in there.

Kit doesn't want the car parked at the bunkhouse if it's not mine.

I can park it in the parking lot by chevron or I can take it to work for someone to pick up.

What do you want be to do?

I'll mail you the game system and book as soon as I can.
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Message for Ryan ... Re: Car
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